Vintage upcycled aprons

Second to sewing, I love cooking. I dream of having a big farmhouse kitchen, with a large wooden table, pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, an aga to cook in and a huge Welsh dresser displaying all my vegan cookbooks, fresh cut flowers and vintage finds. Scarily, I just realised I am describing my mums house to you, minus the vegan part… I can rest assured I’m not a complete carbon copy! (Mum I love you if you’re reading this) :)
These aprons I present to you are a manifestation of my domestic goddess dream. An ulterior realm where I spend all day cooking and mixing exotic cocktails. In reality I don’t really use aprons, as having a toddler around most of my clothes get covered in mud/jam/porridge/chocolate and usually a mix of all four. My aprons are too pretty to be treated with such disrespect.

Mini Apron 2

The half length ruffle apron

I made most of these aprons back in November, to sell at local craft fairs. Is it cheating a bit to put old makes on your blog? I didn’t start this blog until March this year, but really wanted to feature my aprons. I worked hard on them on the run up to Christmas (thank goodness for online shopping!) and they look great as a collection. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it is sewing these aprons that inspired me to start this blog. Documenting my makes enables me to keep a part of my projects with me, that I decide to give away or sell. Bye bye my pretties! I hope you get to live out your domestic fantasies.

Mini Apron Bow

Finished with a big oversized bow

All of these aprons are upcycled from different fabrics I have collected either from car boot sales or charity shops. Most of them had previous lives as duvet covers, cushion covers, curtains or old items of clothing. One of them is even upcycled from something upcycled! Now that’s thrifty and almost entering the realms of fabric reincarnation. I wonder if I could reach sewing Nirvana?

Floral Gathering Apron

Floral Gathering Apron

The most fun part of making the aprons is choosing which fabrics coordinate well together. I love mixing up floral prints with coordinating bold solids.

Cute Ruffle Apron

Cute Ruffle Apron

I also used some of the fabrics to make my handmade tags. Nifty huh! I got to pink away whilst the other half came in handy with his precision gluing techniques.

Blue Gathering Apron

I used three patterns to make these aprons, all of which you can download online for free!

Mini Apron

The ruffle pattern apron is cute and girlie and makes a knee length mini apron that looks a lot like a skirt when it’s on. It’s a fantastic simple pattern, mainly made up of lots of rectangles of different sizes. They are very quick to make and sewing all the ruffles is really fun. I’ve made well in to double figures of this pattern, and now I’ve got used to my overlocker they are even faster to do.

Visit the One more Moore blog to get the Ruffle Apron Pattern.

Green Ruffle Apron

Green Ruffle Apron

I loved the half length ruffle apron, but I also wanted to make a full length version, for optimal clothing protection! This Ruffle Apron Tutorial seemed to fit the bill. Again, really simple and quick to make, and actually I think my favourite design of all three. A perfect mix of practicality, prettiness and it looks great on.

Another Ruffled Apron

Another Ruffled Apron

The third pattern I used was the Gathering Apron Tutorial from Reformation Acres. How could I not make this ingenious design that is half apron, half carrying pouch. It will come in handy when my imaginary self harvests the apples from my fruitful orchard. (Does an overhanging apple tree from next door count??) I think so! Seriously though I loved making this pattern, and people who visited my craft stall were well impressed when I showed them it’s kangaroo like pouch capabilities. I found it a little tricky to do the waistband on the pattern, the instructions weren’t quite clear how to fold it over and hide all seams. It was also quite a few layers to topstitch through. I think I did it differently for all of the three versions I made, but apart from that it’s an easy to follow pattern and looks stunning when finished. How gorgeous is that gathered top!

Floral Gathered Apron

Showing gathered pouch

Showing Gathering at waist

Another kangaroo pouch!

For more apron patterns see my Apron Sewing Pattern board on Pinterest.

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