Top 10 Fabric Prints for Children

I can still remember the images of my childhood. The rainbow curtains I had in my bedroom, the illustrations in my fairy tale books, and the animal wallpaper I had up in my nursery. I loved looking at them and creating characters and dreaming up stories before I fell in to the land of nod. Still vivid to me today, these designs sparked my imagination and introduced an appreciation of art and design. I’d like my children to have similar experiences, and have picked out some designs that I think children will love, and represent the fun and free spirit of small imaginations.
n.b – All fabrics are available to purchase direct from suppliers at time of writing

Ed Emberley, Forest Friends for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Ed is a writer and illustrator of children’s books, and has written over 80 books for children. I love Ed Emberleys illustrative style and bold colours he uses for his prints. His characters seem to have so much personality and charm. There are lots of prints to choose from, and if your little one is in to a particular animal he has drawn tigers, elephants, dragons, frogs, giraffes, owls, aligators … a whole arc full of creatures! His fabrics are produced by the amazing Cloud 9 Fabrics who print all of their designs on organic cotton. Ed’s prints are available in 3 collections, Picture Pie, Happy Drawing Too!, and Happy Drawing. I promise you’ll find something you like.

Meet The Gang Kids, from Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne Cummings

Creative Thursday is the work of artist and designer Marisa Anne Cummings, who has produced 7 glorious fabric collections since 2011. In Marisa’s words, she aims to design fabric when ‘every time you look at it, {or use it to sew with} I want it to bring you joy, comfort and inspiration, butterflies in your stomach‘. I for one think she has succeeded. I’ve never made a patchwork quilt, but if I was i’d use Marisa’s designs. Her collections so far include Meet the Gang, Zaza Zoo, Just for Fun, Locally Grown, The Red Thread, Ric Rac Rabbits and Santa Claus is coming to town. I think some of Marisa’s fabric can be a little difficult to get hold of, especially the older collections and here in the uk, so my tip to you is to keep your eye on her blog and snap it up as soon as it comes out!

Makower – Washday Clouds Blue

makower-clouds Don’t those rain clouds look so pretty? I wouldn’t mind getting caught out without an umbrella if the clouds looked like that. Clouds is a print in the washday collection, produced by Makower Uk fabrics. It’s from a collection a few years back, but is still available to buy from a few online retailers.

Dan Stiles, Marine Too, Anchors Away for Birch Organic Fabrics

anchors I love a good anchor print. Not sure why as I get quite sea sick but one can make believe. Anchors Away is part of the Marine Too collection, designed by Dan Stiles and produced by US company Birch Organic Fabrics. Stiles is perhaps best known for his Poster Art, working with artists across multiple genres the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power, Hot Chip, Sigur Ros, Ted Leo, TV on The Radio, Dizze Rascal, Wilco, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and countless others. I think modernist designs and bright colours translate perfectly to fabric kids will love.

Sarah Jane, Wee Wander Collection, Wander Woods Turquoise

wander_woods Sarah Jane is an illustrator of childhood. She believes that pictures, stories, design and colour shape the way a child perceives the world they live in. So far Sarah has created 4 fabric collections, Out to Sea, Lets Pretend, Wee Wander and Children at play. I love the Wander Woods print. It reminds me of my childhood daydreams when I used to gallop about on my invisible horse. I don’t have a daughter, but the if I did she would definitely be getting a dress made out of this. In fact, I love it so much I might just make one anyway. Sarah Jane’s designs are produced by Michael Miller Fabrics.

Bunny Brigade by Alyssa Thomas for Clothworks

bunnybrigade Alyssa Thomas is the owner and designer of Penguin & Fish. She has produced four fabric collections, Safari Sweet, Picnic Pals, Here Kitty Kitty and Critter Patch. Alyssa also creates delightful embroidery patterns, one of which you can get for free if you sign up to her newsletter. Why wouldn’t you? Penuin & Fish fabrics are produced by Clothworks.

Briar Rose Frogs, by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics

briar-rose How delightful is this view of little froggies picnicking by the lakeside? My little boy loves frogs and i’m sure this print would have him down at the bottom of the garden, seeing if he could find some paddling frogs too. Briar Rose is Heather Ross’ collection for Windham Fabrics. She has other collections called Mendocino and West Hill both for Free Spirit Fabric. Heather makes her popular out of print designs available from Spoonflower. Isn’t she a gem.

Alain Gree

Alain Gree is a French illustraitor and author.
I discovered Alain when my toddler found one of his childrens books, Transport in a museum gift shop. He became engrossed in the drawings and was quiet for long enough for me to have a good look round the shop and buy some overpriced turkish delight. Result. I hoped there would be some fabrics available and found 6 or 7 prints to choose from. I know my son approves and so do I.

Happy Camper by Alsion Cole for Camelot Fabrics

happycamper Alison Cole is a full-time freelance illustrator and designer, many of whose designs are available through Camelot Fabrics. She has six fabric collections, What a Gem, Festive Forest, Birds of a Feather, Happy Jungle, Happy Camper and What’s cookin’. She also loves tofu which means I love her.

Lisa Congdon, The Land That Never Was, for Cloud 9 Fabrics

1119_TheLandThatNeverWas_500 Lisa Congdon‘s first fabric collection for cloud 9 is amazing. The Land That Never Was, exudes folklore, fairy tales and travels to distant lands. Plenty of cues in these designs to get children’s imaginations to run wild. I hope Lisa turns more of her artwork in to fabric collections, I’d be really excited to see what she does next.

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