Toddler shirt for boys

Isn’t spring great? Everything is teeming with life and growth as the earth awakes from it’s hibernation. A sign of spring for me is when the frogs start to appear in the pond at work. I sometimes spot newts as well, they like to hide out under the pond lining where it is nice and cool. Very sensible in the sun, newts.

In celebration of my amphibian friends, I present to you the Toddler shirt for boys – in Cloud 9′s Ed Emberleys Frog print and green scribble, both of which are from the happy drawing collection. These frogs don’t look very happy do they? Perhaps they have been farmed in a French frog leg factory? Or maybe there are no¬†princesses around to offer kisses, and release them from evil spells? Either-way, maybe if I sew them in to a super duper shirt it might put a smile on those froggie faces? Let’s see …


No smiles from the frogs here, but Evan’s cheeky grin makes up for it.

Boys Shirt

This shirt is a pattern I have been working on and will be releasing shortly as a free download in 3 sizes, age 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 years. It’s a short sleeved casual shirt, featuring a western style yoke at the back, reinforced collar and button panel, and coordinating sleeves.

cowboy yoke

I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was the first project I’ve used my serger on, so all my seams are mega – tidy and professional looking. It makes a massive difference to the overall finish of the garment, and kept the seam bulk down. The cowboy style yoke was fiddly to match up with the bottom back panel, but it turned out fine, and looked even better when pressed.

I used medium weight interfacing for the collar and button panel, to provide added structure and strength. I like the overall balance of the shirt, the collar meets in the middle (although I chose not to add a top button, because what toddler wants a tight fitting garment?), and the hem is level all the way round. The fit is good, and it looks great on. So all in all I’d say it’s a success.


Fault wise I think the buttons are perhaps a little big for a typical shirt, so I’d choose smaller next time. I also wanted the sleeves to be turn ups, but when turned you can see the inside arm seam, so I need to find a way of making this tidier. I also think I gave the arms a little too much ease, when they should have less on a child’s shirt pattern, so I’ll reduce this slightly next time.

toddler boy shirt

So, what’s with the headphones? We went to a friends wedding over the bank holiday weekend, and it was amazing! They had a huge marquee in a farmers field near York, and a loud dub/reggae sound system which played a really eclectic mix. These are Evan’s ear protectors, or ‘Blippers’ as he likes to call them. We were packing to go when I took these photos and Evan really wanted to wear them. I thought they might add to the frogginess somehow?? The wedding was brilliant, we danced, camped in a tent, and sat round a bonfire drinking rum and ginger beer. Evan tried his hardest to steal a dance with some of the little girls there, but he was rebuffed. Oh well son, there’s a life lesson in there somewhere. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Crawford-Davies, you make an awesome couple and know how to put on a great party. Can we do it all again?

If anyone would like to test this pattern for me please get in touch. I’d love to get some feedback on it from the sewing community. This is going to be my second pattern release, so I’m still fairly new to testing and will welcome all the help I can get. Plus who can resist the chance to make this cute little number?

2 thoughts on “Toddler shirt for boys

  1. Fiona

    What a great shirt, your little boy looks so adorable in it. I keep considering trying to make a shirt for my son but the thought of all the button holes puts me off!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Fiona, I know what you mean! I had another one of these made up waiting for the button holes to be done, I finally got round to it today and it took me 5 mins. I have no idea why I was putting it off? I’m working on the pattern now so you should give it a go! x


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