The did you make that Sew Sessment!

I have recently started following Karen’s sewing, knitting and crochet blog and have not only enjoyed seeing all of the gorgeous clothes she makes, but also reading about her attitude to sewing as a lifestyle. Her reasons for sewing, ‘like yoga or a meditation‘ completely strike a chord with me, and I often tell people I sew for sanity! It’s my space, my time, away from demands of daily life where I can be free and give the left hand side of my brain a time to jump up and down, do somersaults and sing (mostly out of tune).

When I saw Karens recent post on her Sew Sessment I thought it was genius. How practical of you karen to take such a pragmatic and honest approach to your sewing. Reflecting on our creativity and habits helps us feel good about our achievements and our future. It should help us develop our skills and provide direction. I thought what better time to carry out this exercise than at the start of my blog, and then in a years time I can re-do the Sew Sessment and see what has changed.

So here are my answers, and at karens request I did them quickly!

Top Three Items That I Wear For Home:

Leggings, slippers, hoody

Top Three Items That I Wear For Work:

Dresses, cardigans, leggings

Top Three Sewing Talents (go on, show off!):

Can do attitude, Good knowledge of design and colour schemes, thriftiness

Top Three Sewing Weak Spots (ouch!):

Rushing, using fabric other than cotton, distracted by other projects

Top Three Sewing Goals:

Professional training, build up an everyday wardrobe for me, design more fun patterns for boys

Top Three People Who Enable Me:

My partner (Aww, he would love to know I said that), My Son – the perfect model, other bloggers! (You awesome creative lot)

Top Three People I Enable:

Friends, wider online community, my mum

Top Three Reasons I Can’t Sew:

Working full time, looking after my son, oh and the other half sometimes needs attention too.

Top Three Reasons I Can Sew:

I have to! – for sanity, creative outlet, save money (erm….. not sure this is true)


5 toddler pattern releases before the end of year. And to sew chiffon. Cheeky 2nd challenge, I love a challenge.

Thanks Karen!

Hopefully lots of ideas there I can work on over the next few months. I’d particularly like to concentrate on items that get worn. Seeing all the lovely dresses (Hello Dolly Clackett) makes it so hard to not dream up gorgeous garments that might not get much skin time. If I am as thrifty as I say I am, I need to make sure items are getting worn, and not hanging at the back of my wardrobe. So it looks like a few pairs of leggings are on the cards then?

It is also, Karen who gave me a kick up the backside to get blogging. Reading her advice to people like me:
“It (blogging) is a fantastic way of making friends, both online and in real life. My world has become richer, brighter and much more fun because people like you read, comment – and maybe have your own blogs or are thinking of setting one up. Do it! I promise, you’ll never look back…”

Who doesn’t want a richer, brighter world? Sounds perfect, so thanks Karen for enabling me. Maybe if we meet one day I’ll get to buy you a cocktail I know you like so much. x

One thought on “The did you make that Sew Sessment!

  1. Lady Stitcher

    Great idea to do this again later and compare the answers! I’m continually blown way by how friendly and encouraging the online sewing community is, not to mention such a great source of inspiration!


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