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Toddler Waistcoat

Here is my most recent make for Evan. I drafted this pattern by copying one of his existing items of clothing and grading it a size up, so it’s about a toddler size 3. I’ll be making this toddler waistcoat pattern downloadable for free later on this month. Hooray!

It is a really quick and easy sew, and took about 3 hours from start to finish, and that included me watching TV, making cups of tea and taking photos for the upcoming tutorial too.

Old shirt

I especially like this project because the waistcoat started life as this shirt I purchased for 50p from a tabletop sale. I thought it a bit odd that the manufacturer had ¬†used the wrong side of the fabric facing out when the inside was so much bolder. I didn’t know what I’d make with it at the time, but it seems perfect waistcoat material. Pirates wear waistcoats right? I told Evan it was his pirate waistcoat. That made for a more happy model.


I coupled it with some fabric I had in my stash, a fairly heavy-weight pinstripe cotton twill and some black polyester lining, which complemented the bold anchor print perfectly. To finish it I found some cute anchor buttons purchased from Etsy. I love the line that goes around the edge of the button. I did think about top stitching along some of garment edges but decided it looked nice without.

Here in Leeds we are about 60 miles from the sea, so I’ve had to bring the sea to us – What do you reckon shipmates?

on a boat