Self Drafted Christmas PJ’s for Toddlers

Warning: This post contains some seriously cute photos!


Hello everyone, so Christmas! Christmas Christmas Christmas, it’s now totally fine to talk about it now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed and we have officially entered what marketers call the ‘golden quarter’. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas, but let’s admit, it’s all got a little bit out of hand. The gluttony, the expense, the consumerism. For some years now I seem to have moved away from buying gifts and try to make them instead, or as many as I can. I usually start this about September, which I suppose is annoyingly organised, but I need this much time to fit it all in. Right now I feel a little overwhelmed by all the handmade gifts I have mounting up, on top of preparing for a craft fair I’m having a stall at in December.

If you’re in Leeds you should come down to the Slung Low Christmas Fayre, a true festive treat with carols, storytelling and a glass of mulled wine or three. They let all the crafters have a stall for free, just because they are awesome, and want to support creative individuals.

I wanted to get these pyjamas out of the way before the manic Christmas crafting starts. Evan’s been having a bit of a growth spurt, and I needed to make him something warm and cosy for winter months. As Christmas clothing is all the rage now, I thought I’d have a go at self drafting my own Christmas Pyjama pattern. My requirements were to use a sublimely soft fabric, and keep them traditional and festive. They also needed to be extra roomy to allow for lots of moving about, both whilst sleeping and the mandatory pre-sleep jump on the bed session.

Christmas Toddler Pyjama sewing

Project Stats

Fabric: 100% brushed cotton tartan from B&M Fabrics in Leeds Market
Cost: I used just under 1.5m, which cost me £7.50
Pattern: Self drafted – to be released on my blog as a free download soon
Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Christmas Toddler Pyjamas Sewing

The pattern was pretty easy to put together, just a basic trouser and shirt pattern. I modified some of my work for my toddler shirt pattern, but added extra ease, and created a rounded collar.
Toddler Christmas Pyjama Sewing


The brushed cotton sold itself to me as soon as I felt it. It actually is soft as a babies skin, so perfect for little ones sleepwear. It was beautiful to work with, and all I could think about was how I needed more to make myself a festive dress. Unfortunately it’s sold out now, which is probably a good thing, as I’d buy it all. I also used some interfacing on the collar pieces and the facings.

The buttons were a lucky find from my button jar. I think the colour works perfectly, and they are large enough for Evan to try and do himself, but small enough to suit the garment.


Garment Assembly

I used a mixture of my overlocker and sewing machine to make these pyjamas, which meant I whipped them up in no time at all.

Trouser construction

Just a matter of sewing up the side seams, and then joining up the inside legs and crotch in one fell swoop. Nice and easy. I then attached some elastic to the waistband using the overlocker with the knife dis-engaged. I folded the elastic inside the waistband twice, and using the sewing machine did a double row of topstitching to secure it in place. I then hemmed the trouser legs.

Top construction

To begin with I added a pocket to the front of the shirt. I decided to cut this on the bias, to give a contrasting effect on the pattern. After topstitching the pocket in place, I prepared and attached the facings at centre front, and finished with some decorative topstitching. It was then a pretty standard process to complete the top. I joined the back and front pieces at the shoulders, and then attached the sleeves before sewing up at the sides. I hemmed the sleeve cuffs and then moved on to adding the collar. I kind of muddled my though this, but was happy with how tidy it came out. I’ll attempt putting it on to words when I get the pattern and tutorial uploaded to the blog. Yes you heard right, I am planning to give you this pattern for free. Call it a Christmas present :) I sewed the buttonholes, attached the buttons, and finished off with the hem.

General happiness rating

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: – I rate this make 5 smileys. Top smiley points!
I adore these pyjamas on Evan, and I love knowing that they will keep him cosy and warm this winter. He doesn’t wear a lot of red, but it really suits him, so it’s nice to see him in a different colour. He clearly enjoys wearing them, and I’ll say that joy is contagious. I think this might be my first make I’ve rated 5 smileys, well tis’ the season to be jolly!
Do look out for this pattern and tutorial, which I’ll upload to the blog as soon as I can (My computer is broken again so it’ll take longer than I hoped it to). It’ll be free as usual, and available in three sizes, 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 years.
I’d love to hear about your Christmas to do lists, what are you all making?
Until the next time, tidings of comfort and joy!
Amy x

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      Thanks Amy, the plaid matching kind of happened by accident! I’m making a plaid dress soon, so will have to see if I can pull it off for then also?


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