Amy Beeton

Hi! I’m Amy, and i’m an obsessive compulsive crafter.

I make clothes by deconstructing items I like, drafting patterns, and then re-creating them in to new pieces that try to be more stylish and fun than the original items. I sew a lot for my son, so many of my patterns are for children’s clothing which I try to make available for you to download and try out to. I’m still a newbie at pattern drafting, and learning as I go along, so any comments or feedback from the sewing community is greatly appreciated. Don’t be shy, I love making new sewing pals.

Why Blog?

I want to improve my sewing skills, become a more competent seamstress , better pattern drafter, and keep a record of my progress. I hope to inspire others by showing people how simple and fun DIY fashion can be. I want to make clothes that fit, look good and robust enough to machine washed and worn again and again. I want a colourful wardrobe for myself and my son, and to adorn my home with beautiful handmade items. I want to add to the library of sewing patterns for boys available online and design some fun and comfortable clothing patterns, and make them available for you free to download. How nice am I?

Upcycle and Repurpose!

I usually like to scrimp and save as much as I can, by repurposing old duvet covers, curtains, and old clothes. Making something beautiful out of something ordinary is very satisfying, and by hunting around local charity shops, and car boot sales I can keep my craft supplies well stocked and my wallet happy. You can’t beat the feeling of finding a treasure and being hit by a wave of inspiration. The excitement of my next project always keeps me driven.

Disclaimer: Despite my love of all things thrifty I reserve the right to swoon and fall in love with new fabrics at my discretion. Oh how fresh the feel of new, virginal cotton. And because of all that penny pinching I do, I think it’s ok to treat yourself once in a while.

My background

I’ve always sewn. My first memories of sewing are of making a felt mouse with my childhood friend Helen at about age 6. Then came the epic cross-stitch phase, friendship bracelets (child of the 80′s!) embroidery, lace making, oh and the teddy bear making…all before I finished primary school. I had a very can do attitude when it came to crafts and was mostly self-taught with a bit of help from my mum. Secondary school saw me shun home economics because I thought it was too easy (even at 11 I knew it all – typical teenager!), but as I grew older I began to sew less and less. Apart from the odd Halloween costume it seemed teenagerdom had well and truly sucked dry any creative pursuits I had to make way for boys, glitter, heavy metal and sega computer games. Unfortunately this period lasted well until I was out of university and it wasn’t until I had my son Evan that I was smitten again. Not only with my gorgeous son, but also with knitting! I knitted for 9 months solid throughout my pregnancy and discovered Ravelry which has kept me obsessed ever since. But, how ever much I love a good knit, it does take awhile. Sometimes this slow, meditative, repetitive craft is what’s needed, but sewing is so much more immediate. Ultimately I’m rather impatient and sewing seems to manifest from ideas to garments at a much more satisfying pace. With my re-invigorated passion and a child to make for, I vow to never lose sight of my inner domestic goddess again. Let her run free and wild my friends.


  • Vegan Food
  • Colourful bold prints
  • Yoga
  • Taking on a challenge
  • Day-dreaming
  • Turning old items in to new
  • Anything hand embroidered
  • Finding Treasure
  • Trying to take a good photograph
  • Feeding the birds


  • Mess, mostly other peoples ;P
  • Wasting time on facebook (which I do far too much)
  • People who say things are impossible
  • Anything to do with cars going wrong, angry drivers or dangerous drivers
  • Myself when I get hungry, emergency cake to the rescue!

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